Business Presentations

You will build presence, authority and a new found ability to captivate your business audience by empowering  your content and your meeting room -live or digital- presence. By discovering different presentation styles and identifying  your own you will learn not only how to prepare, structure, and narrate but also develop your slides accordingly.

How: 5 sessions of 2hours each
Who: all business women and men who want more out from their business presentations

Conference & TED Talks

If you do it right, your talk can electrify a room  and create change by transforming the perception of the audience  worldwide. Although we always wish ‘good luck’  before walking onto a live or online stage,  we know  that ‘good luck’  has little to do with your  success. You need stories, techniques, passion and practice. You  also need courage-the courage to follow your passion, articulate  your ideas with simplicity and express what makes your heart sing.

How: 5 sessions of 2 hours each 
Who:  Speakers in conferences, TEDxEvents or anywhere with an audience where you want to share your own idea 

Pitching for Startups

It doesn’t matter how innovative, well thought-out or potentially profitable your product idea is–if you can’t attract the right investors. Why should they choose you? 
During our sessions you will gain all insight into how  to best explain your business idea and communicate your competitive advantage in order to gain access to the funds that you need. You will then construct the pitch deck to support you, that will inform, excite and convince investors that you are a startup to remember!

How: 4 sessions of 2 hours each
Who: Startups that wants to do the work

Leadership Storytelling

The leader will master his own inspirational narrative. This means he will experience an in depth examination of hiw own strengths and goals in order to create a unique narrative and find how to communicatie with an inspirational and authentic voice.

How: 6 sessions of 2 hours each | every week 
Who: Leaders who want to leave a footprint 

Narrative Coaching

When was the last time you paused to ask yourself “What is my story?”.  Narrative Coaching capitalizes on this question and our storytelling tendencies. Stories organize our thoughts, help us find meaning and purpose and establish our identity. It is important to realise what stories we are telling ourselves, and others and recognize the power in these tales, reconfigure key elements so they align with whom you desire to become without letting go of where you belong.

How: 8-10 session for 50min each
Who: Everyone who wants to start working on their story