Agata Darlasi

Story Strategist & Narrative Coach

From journalist, war correspondent and video artist, to stage director, filmmaker and screenwriter I've always followed the story. I've studied Human Sciences, Communication and Creative Writing in Rome, Screenwriting and Storytelling in London and New York and I can't stop educating myself – at the present in Neuroscience.

For the last 10 years I am working as a Storytelling Consultant, Speakers Coach and Creative Mentor in Greece and abroad. My talks, workshops and masterclasses have been presented in various events and cities around Europe and in 2017 I gave a Ted Talk in TEDXKomotini about The power of Storytelling with the title «Time For Heroes».
As Screenplay Consultant, I've collaborate with the Westerdals Film School of Oslo in Norway, with Cosmote TV and various production companies and I've contribute to the production of feature and documentary movies – most recent the production of “1968” from Tassos Boulmetis. 

Between 2012-2016 I was Educational Curator of International Film Festival of Patmos, the Screenwriter Contest of the Festival and the Documentary Workshop “Filmmaking Updated” that led to the production of the movie “Life in the Borderlands”.
Since 2017, I am collaborating with TEDxAthens, as a Storytelling Speakers Coach, aiming to unfold the essence of each shared story from the stage.

I've created “The Storytelling Gene” an online platform for research and application of different storytelling technics. As a co-founder of the Own Your Story Team I deliver deeper into the functions of everyday narrative. Working constantly on our storytelling methodology we aim to create all those tools and mechanics that will help you unleash your inner storyteller. 

Stories matter
Hope to hear yours!

Alexia Axioti

Narrative Coach

Stories have always been my thing. Stories in books, songs or movies. Stories that lived in my subconscious day or night. Stories I experienced as part of my own journey. 

I was born in USA, studied in the UK and trained & worked in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. I carried these stories with me as my true constant in the way people experience, feel and communicate. I studied Culture & Communication and Marketing. The world of culture was my first professional experience where in  Zouboulakies Galeries I worked along great artists in curating their stories by organizing their exhibitions. I spent my next years in Norway where I was introduced to the corporate world of fast fashion retail. I settled in this world for 15 years, working in big fast fashion brands like Mango and H&M, in senior corporate positions leading teams and strategically planning for 3 countries and almost 22 stores  while I also acquired a corporate MBA. Being a leader I experienced the importance of growing individuals in building strong teams in order to reach goals. I found the most promising tool to accomplish that, is coaching. This led me to acquire a Certification of Personal & Executive Coaching from the Athens Coaching Institute (certified member of EMCC & AC).
I am now a Narrative Coach and co-founder of the Own Your Story Team. I volunteer as a mentor for Women on Top mentoring extraordinary women ready for change. I also volunteer in TEDxAthens as a  Speaker's Coach where we work on sharing our stories by inspiring others. I am a member of the Content & Curation team organizing the event and a member  of the Management team of the organization.  I am dedicated to empower people to accept that they are the best storytellers of their own narrative!


Margarita Gourgourini

Web & Social Media Storytelling

I love people. I really do. I love discovering their stories and assisting in sharing them with the world. A brand to me has exactly the same equity. A complex system that asks of me to discover its truth and then share it widely. I created a fashion website that looks relevant even 4 years after its demise, I helped a small team of women in Kilkis sell milk and became viral and created data stories from scientific publications. I worked for Cosmopolitan Greece, helping to expand their existing community into the digital world and with Vichy when it launched its first social media campaign. Almost a year ago I created the Trainspotting 2 campaign in Greece, a social media video about the film ‘’Jackie’’ and curated the launch campaign for Natassa Bofiliou’s ‘’BABEL’’ album. I also worked on videos for the most recent album campaign for the ‘XX  in Greece

You can google me and you can find the stories I write in about strong women and their clothes. I let my aesthetics and my sense of fashion expand my knowledge and approach to any brand, giving it a personal twist and a unique sense of relevance. I created an experiential conference for scientists in the agri - food domain and for the last year, I’ve been helping a technology company in the same sector create their identity and brand strategy, as well as guiding internal task forces on identity and marketing. 

For the last 6 months I delived further into Storytelling, creating alongside two other Storytelling coaches, “Own Your Story”. Our aim is to help start-ups, leaders, brands and managers unveil their narrative to the world. I have never stopped working and wanting more. Maybe because I love people and their stories so much.

So I hope to see you soon!