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We live in a period of time that our personal narrative is being challenged everyday. However we percieve ourselves as the leading character,  the director or the sceenwriter of our own story, reality has come to turn upside down even the most well written script.  We are alla asked to improvise now  in order be able to make the shift and the changes needed to write the narrative we would like to have when the next day arrives.

Why?                                                   How do we do it?                                  

The here and now is an important momenet in time. We have been forced to stop and pause and by doing so we have been given a choice, either to be passive bystanderds of our life as it enfolds or to actively take as much control as we have and guide it towards our own wants and goals. 

We use basic principles of coaching and storytelling. During our sessions we have borrowed tools from narrative therapy, positive physhοlogy και mindfulness. Most importantly by using our methodology which is based on a storytelling tool - Hero's Journey- we aim that you recognize your own personal story in 2 levels:  the one you have told until this moment and the one you would like to tell from now on. 

Choose the hero* you want to be

* by hero we dont mean the super hero that we automatically associate with when we hear this word, but you with your own values and your own strengths.

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